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Boiler Build #1

Our patented connector with standard components improves the heating systems performance. Offering the lowest starting cost for Bronze standard heating unit.

Bronze System Starting at xxx$

Part# HP1-200


Boiler Build # 2

You get a High Efficiency upgrade from the Standard with better components with longer warranties, life spans, and performance improvements.
This level of heating Improvement starts to pay you back in savings very soon. Systems start at a higher cost but offer the most in saving you money in fuel usage.

Silver System Starting at xxx$

Part# HP2-200


Boiler Build #3

This level would allow us to customize a boiler build to fit your home best. Providing you with the best energy usage savings, increased performance with the lowest operating expense. It would have the highest up front cost but offer the best long-term value. We can work out all the specifics with you once we design your new system.

Gold System Starting at xxx$

Part# HP3-200